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We are Professional jewelry photographers capturing ideal angles to showcase your products and get them to the top of the market.

E-commerce Optimization

Optimized images that look just perfect for online use fulfilling compliance with the requirements of Amazon, eBay and many other online marketplaces.

Shadows & reflections

Impress your clients and boost the appeal of your products by giving them a more natural and realistic look. Add shadows, glows, shines, and reflections.


Create a brilliant and magnificent appearance for your jewelry pieces by adding light, bright, and color while removing dust, scratches, & other imperfections.

Custom Background

Place your product on a pure white background ideal for online stores and catalogs, expose all the details or simply choose the color of your preference.

Color change

Same design, different metal color?Switch metal colors from yellow to rose or white gold in your images. Showcase more of your collections saving time and money.

Professional photography plus edition

Most of jewelry retailers, brands or wholesalers know that creating quality images of their products is fundamental to succeed both online and in print. Do you have a partner that delivers top quality images, with hyper-realistic style with consistency and in record time?

The most common reasons why jewelers choose Lognova over many other companies are quite clear

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We are dedicated photographers and detail-oriented graphic artists. Our obsession with perfection is what sets us apart from other providers.  Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction all the time.


Do you need the job done fast? Lognova provides 24 hours turnaround time.  Photos, Videos, Posts, Ads, Retouching and Custom Shots done in record time. Just lets us know and we’ll get it ready.


We are in constant contact and we ‘are always reachable for our customers. There are no barriers of any kind. You can contact us face to face or by Live Messenger, Phone, and email.


Jewelry images creating process is complex and time-consuming. Yet we love it. Our specialized team of experts in Jewelry photography, videography and edition is always ready.


Value is all about receiving a high-quality service for the right price.  We offer professional jewelry photography, videography, edition, and retouching at affordable prices.

Want your product trending? We can help!

Our eye-catching graphic creations are ideal for digital and printed advertising.

Photo special edition

For better marketing results

Great photo is not enough, so we use retouching techniques to get your jewelry ready for market

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Impress your clients and grow confidence.

One photo can tell a whole story. Put yourself for a moment into a potential client's mind and ask yourself how do you feel seeing images of. That's right, every image delivers a specific message, but getting in there requires being knowledgeable by deconstructing the photograph as well as its target. Since most businesses are considering using images for commercial advertising, a photographer who understands your project's goal might be the difference between a successfully delivered consistent message and just another regular add which no one will remember.

Yes, it is about details

Jewelry photography is all about the details. Beautiful, high-quality photos are fundamental to the process of exposing these details to the customers. In this sense, the key is a precise representation of your product considering that your customers need to learn as much about the piece as they possibly can before they decide about whether or not to purchase it.