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The Executive Team

Karina D.

Filipp R. (CEO)

Edwind C.

We all love computer science for the same reasons: every day presents new challenges, technology constantly evolves and our minds are always engaged. We’re eager to share our experiences and insights with current and prospective customers.

Maria L.

MBA Cleveland Univesity and Marketing Expert with more than 10 years experience in business consulting, digital networks and social media management

Lyon University, MSc. in Social Psychology, Filipp is an experienced digital marketing consultant specialized in branding and business impact strategies.

Designer, photographer and community people. Maria is an active member of the open-source photography workflow application, raw developer and google-certified SEO analyst.

Senior programmer and developer, Ed is a college graduate in Electronics, he works with GNU/Linux servers and serves as Fedora project ambassador and packager.


Lognova is an inbound web design, graphic design, and digital marketing company with offices in Alexandria VA and Washington DC. We help companies in every single branding and marketing phase.

If you are a business owner aiming high on your goals and looking for a great partner to help to improve your marketing performance and be successful in terms of leads, customer acquisition, and sales then you are definitely in the right place.


Lognova. Web, Graphics & Marketing started in 2008 with the aim of developing impeccable websites and providing marketing solutions. Our team is made up of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who, taking advantage of their multidisciplinary approach, offer the best solutions according to our customer’s need, taking into account a constantly evolving market as its concepts and strategies. This is why we are always one step ahead in the areas of business awareness and customer acquisition strategies, which allows keeping our clients more than satisfied. In this sense, our years of dedication, credibility, and dynamic expertise enable us to provide our clients with the most innovative and effective solutions for their needs. Working face to face with our clients we beat all expectations by delivering results beyond their conventional quality. Therefore, your vision, combined with our expertise in creating excellent digital solutions, is guaranteed to create an exceptional customer experience that suits your brand, business, and personal needs.


In Lognova we have an ultimate goal. Help marketing executives, as well as business owners, use tech resources and the internet to start and improve their marketing performance. We work hard tracking every single advertising strategy. This provides our customers with a detailed audit about the business and offers a series of methods that will positively impact the company’s presence on the market.

The information derived from tracking, as well as our report, will allow you to eliminate or substitute ineffective advertising strategies making your marketing investment worth every penny. We help you to identify new marketing strategies having the potential to make your business thrive in a cost-effective way. But this is not all. We also help you to make your current marketing strategies better by creating an effective correspondence between market needs and your business offers to boost your leads and assuring conversions.

In terms of brand awareness and web traffic, Lognova has helped dozens of companies increase their website visit-to-lead conversion rates, which is a quantifiable variable in the sales process.

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During and after the project development we are constantly in contact with our clients. We ensure that they are involved in every step of the project and that their needs are at the top of our efforts and priorities.

This is why you can be assured of aesthetically impressive and effective products. Depending on your needs, we deliver unique products through the effective combination of our branding, web design, and marketing services, backed by technical expertise and creativity. Our solutions are provided on time, as an outcome of our seamless planning and development cycle offering a reliable time delivery ratio.


We strongly believe that any type of business can take advantage of the internet and marketing tools to improve its opportunities to increase sales. Therefore, we provide service to both large companies and small business to reach their goals in a time-efficient and budget-effective manner using a series of web tools.
When it comes to investment budget, we also offer a rational approach considering that hiring a full-time employee, or even two, can be costly for the company without offering any guarantee of success. On the other hand, hiring our services is not only beneficial in terms of marketing accomplishment but also of a direct investment in your business, building your management strategy on the cost-benefit principle.

Step 1. Free Quote

Our process begins with a consultation totally free of charge, not to only understand what our clients need and expect, but also to offer advice based on experience and technical skills.

Step 2. Planning

We are detail-oriented workers, and because we value our client’s time we sketch and plan every stage of the project to effectively implement our client’s demands within a precise schedule.

Step 3. Development

The following process consists in giving shape to the idea itself. At this point, we fully distribute our knowledge and tools among the different tasks to build the project.

Step 4. Delivery

Prior to the unveiling stage, we make some last adjustments based on our client’s preferences. In addition, we perform random tests making sure the satisfaction criteria have been fulfilled.